Pure North Pacific Artisan Sea Salt by ZUUNA® (Fine Grain); 100% Natural, Pure PREMIUM Gourmet Sea Salt

At ZUUNA®, our passion is in bringing you the world's purest foods. We started our mission looking at the basics of gastronomy - the science of food and culture - and wanted to bring the very best sources to your kitchen.
It's from this we invite you to try our treasured sea salts. Being the only mineral we eat, the humble sea salt does more to enhance foods flavors than any other ingredient. It is also the only universal ingredient used worldwide and the most powerful.
Born of the purest of parents: the sun and the sea. - Pythagoras
Pure North Pacific Artisan Gourmet Sea Salt by ZUUNA® is made through the artisanal and natural process of solar evaporation of ultra-purified, pristine Pacific Ocean sea water. Hand harvested and patiently cultivated, these fine grain crystals make for an excellent culinary salt.
What is solar evaporation?
It is the process where, literally, the sun and wind provide the energy to evaporate the water and raise the salt concentration to the point of crystallization.
Absolutely NO additives and certified Kosher, our Pure North Pacific Artisan Gourmet Sea Salt by ZUUNA®  is 100% natural sea salt. It's elegant, multifaceted and provocatively intriguing.
This salt leaves an aura - a profound sense of appreciation - for the foods you enjoy. It resonates just like a diamond's mineral splendor. 
  • You'll LOVE our 100% Pure North Pacific Artisan Gourmet Sea Salt from ZUUNA® - Here's Why:
  • It is Exquisitely PURE, solar harvested from the clean waters of the grand Pacific Ocean off the Northwest coast of America.
  • Has a diamond-bright-white hue that draws you in to savor its light flavor and essence.
  • Highest Quality, Pacific Sea Salt that is available.
  • Great on steaks, chicken, pork, seafood, sauces, salads, soups & stews.
At ZUUNA®, it's all about enjoying flavors. We believe once you savor this - you'll see why culinary experts praise its tastes and presentation - and you'll never go back to plain, off-the-shelf salt.

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