Himalayan Pink Sea Salt by ZUUNA® (Fine Grain) 100% Natural, Pure PREMIUM Gourmet Sea Salt

At ZUUNA®, our passion is in bringing you the world's purest foods. We started our mission looking at the basics of gastronomy - the science of food and culture - and wanted to bring the very best sources to your kitchen.
It's from this we invite you to try our treasured sea salts. Being the only mineral we eat, the humble sea salt does more to enhance foods flavors than any other ingredient. It is also the only universal ingredient used worldwide and the most powerful.
Our Himalayan Pink Gourmet Salt from ZUUNA® is hand extracted from ancient sea salt deposits deep in the Himalayan Mountains and has been protected by hardened lava for hundreds of million years. Spanning much of the Paleozoic era - 543 to 490 million years ago to the Upper Carboniferous period - 320 to 290 million years ago- you can say it's ancient.
Mined by artisans and washed carefully by hand, it is absolutely uncontaminated, has NO toxins and NO pollutants and when it comes to mineral content - no other salt compares.
The beautiful luminescent pink, red and white hues show off varying mineral and iron content and make this one of the most fascinating, enticing salts. Even the ancient rishis - divine poets and scribes of India - proclaimed the beauty of its essence and character.
Himalayan Pink Gourmet Salt from ZUUNA® - as Nature Intended It:
- Contains all of the 84 elements found in your body.
- May help regulate the water content throughout your body.
- May promote a healthy pH balance in your cells
At ZUUNA®, it's all about enjoying flavors. We believe once you savor this - you'll see why culinary experts praise its tastes and presentation - and you'll never go back to plain, off-the-shelf salt.

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