December 01, 2014

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Raw Mango Drink

Aam Panna ~ Raw Mango Drink Recipe with Zuuna Pure Mediterranean Cyprus Black Lava Sea Salt.

This spicy, sweet and tangy concoction will excite your taste buds to no end. This drink made from raw green mangoes was created to help endure the intense hot Indian summers. Use it as an opening to a summer brunch, or serve it poolside to experience the full effect of this yummy invention. 1 large or 2 medium sized raw green mango 3 cups water 1 1/4 tsps roasted cumin powder 1 1/4 tsps Zuuna Mediterranean Cyprus Black Lava Sea Salt – Crystal Flakes 15-20 Black pepper corns 25-30 Mint leaves 6 1/4 cups chilled water For the sugar syrup 1/4 cup sugar 3/4 cup water Method 1. Boil mangoes in 3 cups of water until soft. Remove mangos, cool and remove the soft mango pulp from the seed and skin. Grind to a smooth paste. 2. Prepare sugar syrup by boiling sugar and water till it is completely dissolved and simmer for 4 more minutes. Turn off heat, cool in the fridge for 30 minutes. 3. In a blender, add mango pulp, sugar syrup, roasted cumin powder, Zuuna Mediterranean Cyprus Black Lava Sea Salt, black pepper corns and mint leaves and blend to combine well. Add 6 1/4 cup chilled water and continue to blend for few seconds. 4. Pour into a tall glass with crushed ice and serve. Yields: 5 oh so delicious glasses!